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Making Sense of Life and Inner Experiences

Thank you for your interest in my services.

I draw upon a wide variety of modalities and personal experiences to create a unique-to-you environment where you feel safe to explore your darkest secrets and deepest desires; an environment where you can express your inner-most dreams, past experiences, thoughts, and fears, without reservation.


Whether you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, depression, grief, loss, unwanted change, fear, emotional-ups-and-downs, hyperactivity, lack of motivation, heart break, uncertainty -


if you are experiencing overwhelmingly pleasant emotions like love, connectedness, positivity, oneness, a desire to change the world, contentment, open-heartedness -


I have the training, experience, capacity to hold space for you to work through, integrate and find your balance so you can feel at ease with your life.


Client-Centred: You are important and it is all about you. This time is for what matters the most                                  to you.

Trauma-Informed: You are always in charge of the process and you are welcome here just the                                          way you are. We will find the approach that works best for you - cognitive,                                            body-based or a combination of both.

Strength-Based: Remembrance and awareness of your  individual strengths.

Mindfullness: Using to 'here and now' to your benefit.

Holistic: Acknowledging that we are interconnected.

Transpersonal: We are more than a collection of our mind, body and emotions.
Attachment-Focused: Understanding and de-escalating unhealthy attachment patterns.

Cognitive Therapies: Your thoughts matter.

Somatic and Sensory Motor Approach: Body awareness and nervous system soothing.

Internal Family System: Understanding your inner world and all its parts.

Solution-Focused Therapy: Finding ways to manage specific situations.

Narrative Therapy: Creating a new story.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Finding ways to accept and commit to change.

Exposure Therapy: Building your tolerance.

Integration: Make sense and incorporate your experiences.

Effective Communication: Learning to express yourself in ways that support you in being heard.

Gottman Couples Counselling: Identifying and improving the areas in your relationship that        need attention according to the sound relationship house model.

If you feel that my approach would be helpful for you, please book a complimentary
15-minute 'get to know each other' appointment.


  • Individual counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Spiritual Coaching
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